Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guess where we were...

 This is the room Donnie got us for $30/night for 3 nights, $55 for last night.  We stayed at the Rio.

           Yes, I do need that much stuff to look this good!  In fact, I need more but I couldn't afford to put in on the plane!
This was the view from our room.  4 pools.
This is Don & I after one of our big wins...
 Bryan & Cailynn at Caesar's, waiting for a sig on their beeper and looking for a phone bank... (from the movie The Hangover)
Bryan, Cailynn and Don went sand sailing while I had to stay in town and shop... trust me, i did ok...
Of course, we went to see Chumley and the Old Man at Pawn Stars, but they were out of town this week.                                         
In case you were wondering...
Don and I at the Stratosphere for dinner with the kids.
Donnie with his hands full... that was the happiest I seen him all week!
This was our ride for the week, just kidding, we saw this at So-Cal Speed Shop where we have to go each time we come to Vegas so Bryan can update his wardrobe of t-shirts to last him for the year.  Check out the surfboards on top and the panelling was actually painted on, not a decal.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All I Can Say Is WOW!

Another A-mazing week of yard sales, I tell ya. Started out slow, so we headed for Port Dover and WOW, we cleaned house at 3 sales.

I found these crocheted placemats with the bunch of doilies for $3! I'm going to stitch the placemats together to make a table cloth.

One guy was having a moving sale with the help of his girlfriend and daughter. The daughter gave better prices that he did, so I stuck with her. He wanted $7 for the yard sticks.
The daughter took $5 for all of them. I also got a old screen door for $12 but forgot to take a picture.

One lady was having a sale of old merchandise from a shabby chic store she just closed. WOW. That's all I can say, right Tracy? So, I got this tray...

these pretty crocheted pillows...
This cross-stitch...
and this 'judy'. So not really a beauty as is, but wait till you see what I'm going to do to her!
Got this little biscuit jar for .75 cents!

Never pass up milk glass, so I picked up these two plates for my collection.
A teapot to make into a lamp for the craftshow in August.
A little stack of bibles i tied up and put on a shelf in the kitchen.

Love this colour, and what a deal!
I found this for Bryan, but for some reason he didn't take it home. I'll wrap it up for him for Christmas! hehehe...

I didn't get this rug this week, bought it a couple of weeks ago at Cindy's fund raising sale for http://www.tuchifo.com/, a orphanage in Africa. Just wasn't sure if it worked in this room or not, still not sure!
This cool planter, probably from Ikea, but $2 at a yard sale!
More teapots waiting to be lamps for the sale.
I scooped this bottle up as soon as I saw it.
That's it till next weekend.
Happy junkin'...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

And the Good Times Keep On Rollin'

I'm talking about 'Yard Sale' good times. Sometimes I am amazed at what people want to get rid of! Of course, sometimes the day starts out a little slow... should we just pack it in?, should we keep going?... Let's just see what the next one is like...SCORE!
The lady at this yardsale was just so taken with Spike in his dog bag, she almost gave me my money back when I paid her for the rug. He has that affect on people. $2 for the rug!Seems every week I'm finding pink glass and red transfer ware! The back of the plate had a little note saying this belonged to Gramma Roswell Sr. So much for sentimentality!
Some old guy north of town has a yardsale once in a while to get rid of his antiques. We asked for some old frames and he goes out to the barn, brings back 4, then out he goes again, 3 more. I'd love to see the inside of the barn! Tracy and I spent so much at this sale, she had to write a cheque to him!
Couple of postcards, I can't pass on postcards. Who would ever send that red one? And it was sent, look at the back of it! Talk about being depressed and letting everyone know, even the postman?...
Loved the yellow of this tin box but didn't know what it said. Googled it...means shoe polish kit...who knew!?!A trio of blue bottles with pewter accents on the front. Someday I might just make flavored vinegar or something and these bottle will be perfect. Someday...
This was cool, it has tealites in the back and lites up like a silhouette. It's about 24 inches long and sits in the front window for now.
Another old plate and a few medicine bottles. Oh, and an unusable ladle but it's still a keeper. I decoupaged old magazine ads on the front of some on my bottles, I'll write a post on them later.
How could I not get this sign, I mean, come on!
This is from the old antique guy north of town. When i got it home, I had no where to put it... hmmm... so it sits in the sunroom right now until I have a vision!A bunny candle lantern I thought was pretty. Brand new with the tag still on it... $2.
Tracy spotted these two black splatterware bowl, heart shaped too!
So I picked up a couple of really old books. The top one is a Sunday school hymnal, the orange one is a dictionary but the bottom one is weird. It's a 'People Home Library' and has chapters on medical care, home recipes, and home stock (horses, cows, sheeps, etc).
An all-in-one book!
Having a baby at my house, I've got ya covered...
Your horse has kidney ailments while he's at my house, no problem...
Donnie falls off a tower, don't bother with the hospital, I can fix ya up right here!
I now have ALL the answers!
Just sayin'...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Been Toooo Hot

to blog. That's my excuse. Lame, I know but I'm stickin' to it. Lots of yard sale and Village goodies to show you.
I love anything 'milkglass' so when I saw this little jar with the raised design on it, i snagged it. The 3 little plates are cute too.

More vintage utensils for my collection. Wonder if they will ever be worth something? The bottles came from my friend Milly. She must have been cleaning out the cupboards again. I've decided to collect pink glass, now I have a pink glass platter, 6 fruit nappies, large bowl and a pretty pitcher in my 'collection'.

Just a little platter to display for Christmas. I've never seen a blue floral frog before until now. Love the colour.
A couple a cat dishes for Miss Molly & Stewie. And 20 chandelier crystals for $1. Uhuh...
I got up extra early to be at an estate sale in the next town only to find that the family had been through all the 'good' stuff. But I did get this old suitcase with Christmas balls in it for $3. Sometimes it pays to get started early!
Got this silver platter at the village, going to paint the center with chalkboard paint and hang it. Love the tarnish on it.
Two cute little pictures, the 'friendship' one has the wreath painted on the glass.
At another early (7am) yardsale at my friends house, I scored big time. Thanx for the heads up Shelley. This tin birdhouse candle holder is on my new laundry room shelf.
Was a day for candle holder, this one is on the patio now.
And this big jar will be in the new bathroom whenever it gets finished. The hydrangeas came from Miss Tracy. Thanx friend.
These bowls are sooo pretty. The top one is Fenton and has a smaller bowl in the center for dip. The other is milkglass.

That gets me caught up to last weeks buys. Now, when it stops raining, I'll take pics and post soon.
Happy Junkin' Y'all.